Monday, 7 April 2014

Raising Orphan Lambs

Last year we raised 4 orphan lambs for the first time. In spite of numerous searches we found sparse information online, and some of it conflicted. On a huge learning curve we worked through it, sometimes phoning the farmer for advice. Our lambs grew well to maturity.
This year we’re doing it again with 5 lambs! Armed with more info we aim to share our journey to help others doing the same.
orphan lambs HenSafe smallholding

Our Preparation:
In a draught-free corner of the barn we set up: 3 hurdles with temporary boarding on the side to stop escapees through the bars. Not too large an area – they can keep warmer in a smaller space. Our 5 lambs have a space about 1.5m square to start off.
Get together:
Feeding bottles – teats checked
Straw for bedding
Powdered lamb milk formula
Large dog cage to collect them in

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