Monday, 5 May 2014

The Big Sleep-Out

Lambs are just about 5 weeks old now – time is flying by – and they’ve been happily munching on grass in between bottle feeds. Over the last couple of days if we hadn’t done the middle 3pm feed they probably wouldn’t have noticed (provided we avoided going out to see them!) so a move to 2 feeds is imminent. Yesterday we introduced them to the wide open space that will be their permanent enclosure during the daytime. Tonight is their first sleep-out so now the temporary knitted fence can come down and the barn corner cleaned out. 
image: HenSafe lambs exploring their new enclosure
Exploring the new enclosure... very slowly and carefully

They seem big enough now to be safe from predators and they have a 3-sided shelter facing away from the prevailing wind (and the rain that’s forecast). From under my duvet I watched them settling down for the night on SheepCam :)

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