Tuesday, 14 April 2015

The Lambs have Arrived!

We’ve just collected our week old lambs, settling them into their corner of the barn where they are all cosying up together. Nights are still cold so they have plenty of bedding and some plastic sheeting on the hurdles to keep out draughts. They’ll be on 5 feeds a day of around 150ml which will gradually increase as they grow. Of course they have names, but only to identify which ones have been fed... 86, 96, purpley, big white and little white :)
Image: Lambs on the HenSafe Smallholding
Week old Lambs on the HenSafe Smallholding

Things to remember:
* Always best to get everything ready and gather all supplies together well before you need them: feeding bottles, milk replacer, and warm bedding area to name a few. 
* And make sure the teats on the bottles haven't perished over winter.

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