The Quiet of Autumn

Image: Autumn on the HenSafe Smallholding

Just about had the last of the courgettes and beans and caught this cobweb at the top of the beanpoles this morning. One of those lovely, quiet mornings when you can feel the sun warming everything up. Time to harvest the rest of the tomatoes too. I’ve tried cutting off branches and hanging them upside down to ripen in the polytunnel but I have found it’s better to pick them all, bring them indoors (or into the potting shed) and ripen them off in trays. The red ones will ripen off the green ones eventually as they emit ethylene “the ripening gas”. They don’t give off huge amounts but it’s a naturally occurring process. Bananas on the other hand give off mega quantities of ethylene which is why you need to keep them separate from the rest of your fruit or it will all get squishy very quickly.

Learnings: The early bird catches the best cobweb photos