Chickens in the Winter Frost

A beautiful morning here on the HenSafe smallholding and I couldn't resist snapping this photo of our hens enjoying the lovely frosty sunshine.
Chickens in the frost on the HenSafe smallholding


Pigs at 4.5 Months

Pigs at 4.5 months on the HenSafe Smallholding

Pigs are growing and eating well. So different now than in early August when they first arrived.
Piglets on the HenSafe Smallholding
This was their first day, learning to feed from the trough. Once they'd got used to it we gradually moved the trough across to where it is now on the concrete. Big scary world out there for very small creatures.

Nosy Chicken!

Thought I’d take some photos this morning and this nosy chicken wouldn’t leave me alone until I’d snapped her. #diva
A HenSafe Chicken

Upton House Pig Poster

Saw this poster at Upton House on a day out to experience "Banking for Victory". The house has been transformed into a Country House Bank as it was when the Bearsteds moved out in 1939 and the family owned bank, M. Samuel & Co, moved in for the duration of the Second World War.
No kitchen scraps now for livestock of course.
Upton House Pig Poster by HenSafe

The Wallow

Piglet in the Wallow on the HenSafe Smallholding

Hot here today. Too hot for this piglet not to discover and enjoy the wallow. Amazing how instinct kicks in.

Gloucester Old Spot Piglets

Collected our weaners today for raising on the HenSafe Smallholding here at Boggy Bottom. Four lovely Gloucester Old Spots from a local farm. A bit later than we usually like to have them which means they’ll be going off in early Winter rather than mid-Autumn. Let’s hope the weather stays good. But the bonus is they’ll be munching faller apples from our friends’ orchard this Autumn, which they’ll love! Introducing them to grass and wide open space was an experience, never having seen the green stuff before. A bit stressed by the electric fence, running around like mad things, they did eventually calm down. Thank goodness… 
Gloucester Old Spot Piglets on the HenSafe smallholding

* May be good to turn off the electric fence initially when introducing piglets to their new home.